Why We Love Pet Nat

The rise of the pet nat has been unstoppable in recent years and with good reason. Bubbly, vibrant & pure, these wines have far too much joie de vivre to stay cooped up in a bottle.

Pétillant naturel wines (pet nats for short) are wines that are bottled before the initial fermentation has finished, a process often referred to as the ancestral method. As the fermentation continues in the bottle, carbon dioxide is produced and trapped, thereby creating a fizz. The dead yeast particles (or lees) are then left in the bottle leading to textured, creamy wines often with noticeably toasty aromas from the yeast. 

Rustic and beguiling, pet nats provide some of the most fun and enjoyable drinking experiences wine has to offer, and their naturally lower alcohol makes them perfect for when you’re in the mood for more than a glass.

See some of our top picks below and free some bubbles today.