Domaine des Ardoisières Argile Rouge

Domaine des Ardoisières Argile Rouge


Country: France

Region: Savoie

Grapes: Mondeuse, Gamay, Persan

Vintage: 2022

Brice Omont of Domaine des Ardoisières has 16 hectares of mountainous terraced vineyards above the village of Cévins in Savoie. Since the beginning of the project in the late 1990s, these have become some of the most sought after wines in the region, with Brice's focus on vinifying each parcel according to it's specific soil type and micro-climate creating highly expressive and unique expressions of terroir.

The Argile Rouge is a blend of 50 year old Mondeuse from clay soil in Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte and Gamay and Persan come from 40 year old vines on west-facing schisty marl hillsides in Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy. Great depth and complexity, with plenty of spicy dark fruit from the Mondeuse accompanying lifted aromatic redolent of violet, pomegranate, spicy red fruits and iron.