Cantina Giardino Vino Rosso Magnum

Cantina Giardino Vino Rosso Magnum


Country: Italy

Region: Campania

Grapes: Aglianico, Coda di Volpe

Vintage: 2018

Cantina Giardino make unique orange and red wine from a patchwork of old vineyards high up in the hills around Irpinia, Campania.

The Giardino Vino Rosso comes from a parcel of 80 year old vines planted some 500 metres above sea level in Montemarano. A blend dominated by Aglianico and complemented by a blend of ancient varieties and about ten percent of Coda di Volpe, this spent three weeks on the skins, before being pressed off to chestnut casks for a year. A riot of black and blue fruits, it has light tannins and a beautiful, cleansing acidity.