ELLC x Clapton Craft x The Kernel Single Malt Whisky

ELLC x Clapton Craft x The Kernel Single Malt Whisky


Country: England

Region: London

Style: Single Malt Whisky

ABV: 47%

Moving on from the decadent, malt-driven ex-Icebock cask from our E17 neighbourhood pals and Lager legends, Pillars we were honoured that The Kernel would allow ELLC and us to use one of their ex-Biere De Saison barrels for a vibrant, fresh take on a Single Malt. Mashed with 100% Maris Otter malted barley from Norfolk, which was then fermented with select Belgian Saison and Scotch grain yeasts. Following a 4 year stay in a single cognac barrel, this was then finished in the Bermondsey-born pioneers' freshly emptied farmhouse Saison barrel.

Masters of funk, balance and floral complexity, it's immediately apparent that The Kernel's mastery has followed through into this bottle. Immediately upon pouring this light, golden nectar you'll pick up aromas of caramelised apricot, subtle wild yeast, dried grass, and herby clove. If that was all sounding a little too experimental, there's welcome indulgent malty goodness following through on the palate to keep the vibrant fruitier fun in check. Think nougat, toasted almonds, and cacao - basically a boozy liquid Mars Bar.

Limited to just 280 bottles spread across Gnarly Vines and Clapton Craft, we don't expect this to hang around too long.