Andreas Tscheppe Butterfly Plus

Andreas Tscheppe Butterfly Plus


Country: Austria

Region: Styria

Grapes: Gelber Muskateller

Vintage: 2021

Andreas Tscheppe is making beautiful examples of natural wine in Styria. These vineyard sites are gorgeously terraced and are bursting with life: butterflies, dragonflies and beetles are just a few of the creatures you will find while walking through these vines, and they are all represented on the labels of his wines. Andreas works only with white grapes, some of which are fermented with the skins to produce orange wines. All the winemaking involves a minimum of 18 months time in barrel for the wines to integrate with oxygen well and come into their own before being bottled.

Gelbe Muskateller from the 2021 vintage which as with the Green Dragonfly Plus, finished fermentation in bottle to give it a light fizz. Gorgeous jasmine, rose petal and stone fruit aromatics with delicate bubbles and sublime texture.