Capreolus Plum Eau de Vie (37.5cl)

Capreolus Plum Eau de Vie (37.5cl)


Country: England

Region: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Vintage: 2017

ABV: 43%

Barney Wilczak is a magician, turning fruit and produce from his native Gloucestershire into silky smooth eaux de vie. Each has a different character but every one he makes captures the delicate flavour of the fruit, while bringing out yet more complex flavours in the distillery. 

His Plum Eau de Vie is made using Victoria plums from friends in the Forest of Dean. A spirit with round generously fruity flavours of plum and prune balanced by a bitter almond note from the stones of the plums. Also a spiced cinnamon note. Warming and delicious.