Chateau Barouillet O'Ranch

Chateau Barouillet O'Ranch


Country: France

Region: Bergerac

Grapes: Ondenc, Muscadelle, Chenin Blanc

Vintage: 2019

Vincent Alexis of Barouillet is an eighth generation winemaker; joining his father in 2010 when he started the organic project at Barouillet - bottling their own wines rather than selling the grapes for bulk-blending. Organic conversion started with 6 hectares and since 2013 the entire estate has been organic. 

O'Ranch is Barouillet's technicolour orange wine made from just half a hectare of Ondenc, Muscadelle and Chenin that are macerated and fermented together on skins in amphora for 3 months. An intensely perfumed orange wine with floral notes of jasmine and citrus blossom, baking spices and dried fruit.