Chateau Tour Blanc Sables Fauves

Chateau Tour Blanc Sables Fauves


Country: France

Region: Gascony

Grapes: Ugni Blanc

Vintage: 2013

Tour Blanc sits in the Landes forest between Bordeaux and Toulouse where Sandra and Philip Kelton tend Ugni Blanc vines organically. The old Armagnac vineyards are based on the principles of permaculture to create a diverse and varied ecosystem and work is aided by the 150-strong flock of Clun Forest sheep that graze between rows five months of the year. They have 4 main parcels with varying soil and exposition and their wines see long elevage and bottle ageing to develop unique expressions of this underrated variety.

This 2013 is the current release of Sables Fauves with the long ageing period adding a tremendous savoury richness to the wine and softening the snappy acidity common for Ugni Blanc. Citrus, white flowers, nuts and spices all feature, a unique wine at it's best with food.