Didier Grappe Résistant Sous Voile

Didier Grappe Résistant Sous Voile


Country: France

Region: Jura

Grapes: Seyve Villard

Vintage: 2020

Didier makes no bones about his love of natural farming – vineyard work is organic and he adopts a less is more approach in the cellar: No yeasts, chaptalizing, acidifying, filtering or fining. He makes oxidative styles, but his interest lies in making wines ‘topped up’ to preserve the varietal character of each wine.

Over the last few years Didier has become increasingly interested in hybrid grapes and their potential in the rainy, cold conditions of the Jura including Seyve Villard which Didier compares to Chardonnay, but requiring only a fraction of the natural treatments - hence the name Resistance. A lovely fresh version of the sous-voile style with only 6 months ageing, spicy, citrusy and saline.