Domaine Balansa Versicolore

Domaine Balansa Versicolore


Country: France

Region: Languedoc

Grapes: Carignan

Vintage: 2019

Domaine Balansa is the project of Céline and Alexandre Peyre in Hautes-Corbieres, Languedoc. They farm 14 hectares of old-vines that have been in the Peyre family for several generations, scattered over the multi-faced hillsides of on loose, flaky schist at 140-280 metres altitude in the Hautes-Corbieres. They have been organic since 2013 and biodynamic since 2018, gaining certification in 2021. Their wines are typified by both the sunny, windy Mediterranean climate and the surrounding maquis scrubland. Work in the cellar is gentle and extractions are kept low for soft, pure-fruited wines, bottled with little to no sulphur.

This is Céline and Alexandre's Incredible old vine Carignan, hand-harvested from a wild 120 year old vineyard and aged for a year in old barrels. A heady balancing act between inky depths and dizzying, perfumed heights. Supple, regal fruit with a delicately interwoven acidity.