Domaine Des Marnes Blanches Vin Jaune 2014

Domaine Des Marnes Blanches Vin Jaune 2014


Country: France

Region: Jura

Grapes: Savagnin

Vintage: 2014

Natives of the Jura, both Pauline and Géraud’s families owned tiny plots used to make wine for home consumption and spending time in the vines in their childhood was enough to give them the wine bug. They met while studying winemaking in Dijon and created Domaine des Marnes Blanches when they returned to the Jura in 2006. They have farmed organically from the word go and have added small parcels of high-quality vines along the way to reach a total of 12ha today.

Aged in 10 to 20yo 228ltr barrels, stored on the first floor of their house with windows opened to the elements throughout the year, it was bottled after almost 7 years sous voile. This is an elegant, forward and 'user-friendly' style of Vin Jaune, with excellent fruit that is not covered up by the oxidative notes. You can drink the wines with great pleasure in their youth, but they’ll age too and develop extra complexity – an amazing value for money. For drinking now to 2035.