Domaine Durrmann Mu-Ska-T

Domaine Durrmann Mu-Ska-T


Country: France

Region: Alsace

Grapes: Muscat

Vintage: 2020

The Durrmann family make wine from their old family house in the middle of Andlau, a beautiful village nestled on the first slopes of the Vosges mountains south-west of Strasbourg. The family are true eco warriors only having electric cars and using solar energy for hot water and heating. Father André was among the first wave of organic winemakers in Alsace, converting in 1998, and son Yann has then taken this a step further applying a natural, minimal intervention approach in the cellar.

A new wine this year, Mu-Ska-T is a crisp salty sparkling Muscat made without sulphur. Aromas of fresh lemon zest, granny smith apples and green grape skins.