Domaine Labet Crémant du Jura

Domaine Labet Crémant du Jura


Country: France

Region: Jura

Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2020

One of the most renowned growers in Jura, Domaine Labet is located in Rotalier in the Sud-Revermont. In the late 1970s Alain Labet was probably the first vigneron in the Jura to make and bottle wines from individual terroirs separately, and in the 1990s when he started making topped-up whites, there were only one or two winemakers making wines this way elsewhere in the Jura (Pierre Overnoy in Arbois being foremost).

This is the Labet crémant made in the traditional method, predominantly from Chardonnay with some Pinot Noir.

*Please note that due to very limited supply there is a maximum of 1 bottle of each Labet cuvée per client and/or order*