Domaine Landron-Chartier Naturlich Blanc

Domaine Landron-Chartier Naturlich Blanc


Country: France

Region: Loire

Grapes: Folle Blanche

Vintage: 2019

Organic since 2010, Domaine Landron-Chartier is run by father and son Bernard and Benoit Landron in Ancenis, north-east of Nantes in the Loire Valley.

Naturlich Blanc is an 10.5% pet-nat made from 90% Folle Banche and 10% Pinot Noir hand harvested and fermented with indigenous yeasts. The 2020 vintage has a slightly pink hue, and is undisgorged leaving it a little cloudy. Packed with peach, apricot and plenty of pastry richness all carried by brisk effervescence.