Domaine Ogereau Vent de Spilite Anjou

Domaine Ogereau Vent de Spilite Anjou


Country: France

Region: Anjou, Loire

Grapes: Chenin Blanc

Vintage: 2019

A child of the vines and son of one of Anjou’s top winemakers, Emmanuel Ogereau is a symbol of the wine revolution taking place in the Loire Valley. With the likes of Stephane Bernaudeau as an inspiration, he allows each plot of Chenin to express its own unique terroir, using organic farming and low intervention winemaking. 

Vent de Spilite is made with grapes grown on a rare stripe of volcanic rock in the Loire. His freshest and most direct style of Chenin with great acidity, flinty mineral smoke and lemon tart.