El Risco Calatayud Blanco

El Risco Calatayud Blanco


Country: Spain

Region: Calatayud

Grapes: Macabeu

Vintage: 2022

Calatayud was a major viticultural hub at the beginning of the 20th century with over 40,000 hectares of vineyards. Today only 3,000 remain, and farmers continue to abandon the land in what is considered an impoverished region. This has left a treasure chest of old vineyards; it’s not uncommon to find 80+ year old vines, which are able to withstand the warm and dry climate as well as its infamous strong northerly El Cierzo wind. 

The El Risco Blanco is Macabeu planted on clay limestone soil at high altitude.  Fermented in neutral vessels to retain its pure white peach and grapefruit peel aromas, this is superbly balanced and superb value.