Famille Arbeau On L'Appelle Negrette

Famille Arbeau On L'Appelle Negrette


Country: France

Region: Fronton

Grapes: Negrette

Vintage: 2022

Famille Arbeau are based in Fronton, a tiny but fascinating appellation on the river Tarn around 30 miles north of Toulouse. The Arbeau's winemaking roots in the area date back to 1878, and the domaine is now run by brother and sister Anne and Gérard Arbeau who have converted to organics in order to better express the unique terroir and grape varieties of Fronton.

A unique red made from Negrette, a local speciality in this tiny appellation just outside Toulouse. Deep and inky with a powerful iron minerality and blackcurrant, rose, mint and fennel aromas.