Fedellos Do Couto Bastarda

Fedellos Do Couto Bastarda


Country: Spain

Region: Galicia

Grapes: Bastarda (Trousseau)

Vintage: 2017

Fedellos do Couto is a winemaking project started in 2013 by Luis Taboada (whose family has owned the Couto manor for generations), and winemakers Curro Barreño and Jesús Olivares. They lease 4 hectares of vineyards which are farmed organically and worked by hand - you couldn't do otherwise on these steep terraces! The vines are planted on terraces along the steep slopes of the rivers Sil and Bibei, with a myriad of grape varieties, altitudes, and expositions. All the wines share an Atlantic freshness and a slatey minerality that make these wines unmistakably Galician. 

Bastarda is Fedellos do Couto's top cuvee made from Bastarda (AKA Trousseau in Jura) grown in granite and schist 500-700m above sea level. A profoundly pure and mineral wine with racy red fruit, cracked black pepper and long, fine acidity.