Fongoli Bullarum Rosato Frizzante

Fongoli Bullarum Rosato Frizzante


Country: Italy

Region: Umbria

Grapes: Sagrantino

Vintage: 2021

Fongoli is an historic Montefalco estate dating from the early 1900s when Decio Fongoli began farming grapes and olives alongside the breeding of pigs and cattle. Since 1999 the estate has been run by Decio's great-grandson Angelo who follow the traditional approach of ageing in large oak barrels, vinifying with indigenous yeasts, and working with local Umbrian varieties including Sagrantino and Trebbiano Spoletino. Today the property - managed entirely along biodynamics principles - extends for about 35 hectares, of which 23 are vineyards, with the rest made up of olive groves, woods, truffle grounds and meadows.

Bullarum is a gorgeous frizzante rosato made from only the first pressing of hand-harvested Sagrantino grapes grown in fossil rich clay and silt soils. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged on the lees for 3 months before bottling without filtration or sulphur where it undergoes a second fermentation to produce a fine pétillance. Aromas of roses, pomegranates, strawberries and cherries with mouth-watering sapidity and a firm mineral backbone.