Francois Saint Lo Le Bois Guyon

Francois Saint Lo Le Bois Guyon


Country: France

Region: Loire

Grapes: Cabernet Franc

Vintage: 2017

Francois Saint Lo began working in restaurants and wine bars before diving headlong into winemaking, learning with producers like Olivier Cousin & Eric Dubois and eventually buying his own place near Berrie, approximately 25km south of Saumur. His cellar is basically an ancient ruin that has previously been used for wine production and since 2012 has been slowly restored with the help of friends. Like his mentors, François prefers to work with horses in the vineyards and all other work is done by hand. In the cellar he uses old barrels, fibreglass and a hundred year old curve press that was there when he took over the place.

In the drier vintage of 2017, this parcel of very old vines (approaching 90 years old) gave a deep, muscular Cabernet which is brilliant to drink now, but will be even more wonderful if you can bare to put some away for a good few years. For the maceration in 2017 he did 50% whole bunch & 50% de-stemmed and it’s had a full three years in barrel.