Franz Weninger Furmint Vom Kalk

Franz Weninger Furmint Vom Kalk


Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Grapes: Furmint

Vintage: 2021

The Weninger Family's winemaking roots can be traced back to 1828, when the name first appeared in the records. In 1997, not long after Hungary started opening up following the fall of the Iron Curtain, Franz's father acquired some parcels close to the town of Balf in the region of Sopron. Three years later, upon his return from California, a young Franz took over the Hungarian operations and in 2006 converted to biodynamics. He now runs wineries in both Sopron and Burgenland, the other side of the border in Austria.

This is Franz's Vom Kalk Furmint, made from grapes picked in Burgenland. A dry, mineral-driven wine with notes of white flowers, fresh lemon, lime and green apple, along with a unique aroma of cinnamon and a buttery aftertaste.