Fukukomachi 'Gentle Breeze' Junmai Ginjo

Fukukomachi 'Gentle Breeze' Junmai Ginjo


Region: Akita

Rice: Miyamanishiki

Style: Junmai Ginjo

ABV: 15%

Gentle Breeze is definitely one of our favourites! Made with local Miyamanishiki rice polished to 55% this sake is wonderfully delicate, moreish, easy-to-drink and offers the prefect balance between aroma and flavour.

Gentle Breeze is ethereal and elegant with comforting aromas of sweet melon, baby strawberries, ripe tomato and white jasmine. The first sip is inviting, refreshing and quenching. Light-bodied, slightly dry with a luxurious, silky texture, Gentle Breeze is eminently drinkable with delicate strawberry and melon flavours. It must be tried with light, creamy sauces, mussels in white wine or simply on its own.