Gabrio Bini Serraghia

Gabrio Bini Serraghia


Country: Italy

Region: Pantelleria

Grapes: Zibbibo

Vintage: 2020

Gabrio Bini’s Azienda Agricola Serragghia is located on the island of Pantelleria, a volcanic mass one hundred kilometres or so south west of Sicily. The vineyards are never treated and are tended by hand and horse, are handpicked and left to ferment long and slowly in terracotta amphorae. They are bottled unfiltered, with no additions. With their distinctive bottles and unwavering quality, they have quickly gained a cult following and there's never enough to go around. 

From sixty year old bush vines of Zibibbo planted on one of the highest parts of the island. The wine spends seven months on skins in terracotta amphorae which Gabrio has buried in the vineyard. Compact and elegant, the grape’s hallmark aromatics are pleasantly refined here, leading to a firm palate laden with citrus, nectarines, sea salt and herbs.