Gut Oggau Maskerade Red (1L)

Gut Oggau Maskerade Red (1L)


Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Grapes: Red blend

Vintage: 2020

Gut Oggau is a 14 hectare wine estate on the edge of Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland owned by husband and wife Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Eselböck-Tscheppe. Stephanie and Eduard us biodynamic farming principles to achieve a natural vine balance and process the grapes as gently as possible to create vibrant, ethereal wines that are some of the most sought after in Austria.

The Maskerade cuvees are field blends of vineyards that Eduard & Stephanie have recently taken over. In the context of their 'family' labelling project, their true self is still hidden to the winemakers, so they are not quite sure exactly who the person behind the mask is yet. This is a super drinkable red field blend, slightly spritzy with light tannins and notes of cherry, black pepper and wood smoke. Best served a little chilled!