Jean-Claude Lapalu x Domaine Belluard Feu Follet

Jean-Claude Lapalu x Domaine Belluard Feu Follet


Country: France

Region: Beaujolais

Grapes: Gringet

Vintage: 2022

Domaine Belluard is an iconic estate in Savoie with vines high up in the Alps not far from Chamonix. Under the auspices of the legendary Dominique Belluard until his sudden passing in 2021, the domaine is renowned for elevating the local Gringet variety to new heights, and producing exceptionally pure and precise wines from vines grown without herbicides or pesticides. Going forward the domaine will be known as Domaine du Gringet, and young Ardèche winemaker Vincent Ruiz will be at the helm.

Feu Follet translates to “will-o'-the-wisp”-a phosphorescent light seen hovering or floating at night. In folklore the ‘Feu Follet’ are the spirits of passed on loved ones coming back to bid their final goodbyes. The cuvée is made from Gringet that was picked by a local team put together by Valerie Belluard at Domaine Belluard in October. The grapes were then driven straight to Beaujolais to Jean-Claude Lapalu's estate, pressed whole bunch the day after, and vinified into a stunning tribute to Dominique with exhilarating alpine freshness, wild herb, honey and spice notes.