Le Clos des Grives Vin De Paille (375ml)

Le Clos des Grives Vin De Paille (375ml)


Country: France

Region: Jura

Grapes: Savagnin, Poulsard

Vintage: 2014

Le Clos des Grives is a legendary Jura domaine and the very first to be certified organic in the region way back in 1968. Today there are 4 hectares of prime south/southwest facing vines growing in marl limestone at 330-350m above sea level, all harvested by hand and made into no less than 10 different cuvées.

Vin de Paille is a Jura specialty, a sweet wine made by semi-drying the grapes on straw beds to concentrate the sugars. The Clos des Grives Vin de Paille is a 50-50 blend of Savignin and Poulsard that yielded just 15-20 litres of juice per 100kg after drying. After a slow fermentation that took over a year(!) the wine was aged for a further 3 years in barrel. Incredible concentration with powerful, fruity aromas of raisins, apricots, quince, honey, and a beguiling spicy side.