Little Pomona Orange Cider

Little Pomona Orange Cider


Country: England

Region: Herefordshire

Apples: Egremont Russet, Perry Pears

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 7.3%

Susanna and James Forbes of Little Pomona make natural cider from their 120 tree orchard in Thornbury, North Herefordshire. In their own words, their aim is to make cider that "speak of the land, that taste of the harvest, that illustrate the wonderful cider making heritage the region is built on, and that look to the future".

For their 'orange' cider, apples and pears were co-fermented in tank without additions and later blended with pure quince from barrel and bottled with cryo-extracted Egremont Russet, bringing about a second fermentation in bottle and a gentle sparkle.