Mendall Lo Terme de Guiu Karin Maceracio

Mendall Lo Terme de Guiu Karin Maceracio


Country: Spain

Region: Catalunya

Grapes: Carignan

Vintage: 2020

Laureano Serres is a legend of the Catalan wine scene. A pioneer who has been influential in inspiring others in the area to return to their winemaking roots, Laureano was also there the night the Brutal Wine Corporation was founded and is an organiser of one of Europe’s most talked about wine fairs, H20 Vegetal. No added sulphur, and organic grapes are used. 

Cariñena from fifty year old vines planted over limestone, over five hundred metres above sea level in Terme de Guiu, with a handful of local white varieties that grow in the same parcel. This fermented on skins for a week and was left on the lees in vats until bottling in the spring. The nose is heady with red fruits, dust and iron and while generous, there is a cleansing acidity here that keeps us coming back for more.