L'Ostal Levant Les Trilles

L'Ostal Levant Les Trilles


Country: France

Region: Cahors

Grapes: Merlot

Vintage: 2019

Louis and Charlotte Perot of l'Ostal Levant relocated from Paris to Cahors, first learning how to make wine with SImon Busser who's wines we also carry. Having done their apprenticeship they began making their own production in 2015, and are now creating a name for themselves with wines of remarkable freshness and finesse in a sun-drenched region more famous for inky and powerful reds.

Les Trilles is their elegant, lightly herbal Merlot with charming red and dark fruit overlaid with hints of rosemary and lavender. Silky and mouth-coating on the palate with a wonderful lightness of touch.