Marcel Lapierre Morgon

Marcel Lapierre Morgon


Country: France

Region: Beaujolais

Grapes: Gamay

Vintage: 2020

Marcel took over his Beaujolais Domaine in 1973 and in 1981 under the influence of researcher and chemist Jules Chauvet the and the infamous gang (includingJean-Claude ‘Le Chat’ Chanudet) eschewed the ubiquitous chemicals, went back to traditional and artisanal methods and first spoke out for natural wine triggering a revolution still underway. His children Mathieu and Camille have carried forward their father’s outsized legacy with determination, dedication and passion. The wines from this iconic domaine keep getting better reaching an extra level of finesse unseen before.

A finely sculpted wine with a midraspberry colour, delicately extracted, and beautifully pure old viney fruit, enhanced by ten months ageing in casks from Prieuré-Roch in Burgundy. No sulphur was used during the élevage, just a little added at bottling.