Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon

Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon


Country: France

Region: Beaujolais

Grapes: Gamay

Vintage: 2022

Marcel took over his Beaujolais Domaine in 1973 and in 1981 under the influence of researcher and chemist Jules Chauvet and the infamous gang (including Jean-Claude ‘Le Chat’ Chanudet), eschewed the ubiquitous chemicals, went back to traditional and artisanal methods and first spoke out for natural wine triggering a revolution still underway. 

A finely sculpted wine here, with a mid-raspberry colour, delicately extracted, and beautifully pure old viney fruit, enhanced by ten months ageing in casks from Prieuré-Roch in Burgundy. No sulphur was used during the élevage, just a little added at bottling.