Mas De L'Escarida Lo Grande Fresiment

Mas De L'Escarida Lo Grande Fresiment


Country: France

Region: Ardeche

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2019

Laurent Fell of Mas De L'Escarida has some of the highest vines in the Ardeche, on south facing slopes at 500m altitude on the edge of the wild and mountainous Cevennes forest. The soil is sandstone formed in the Triassic period coming from the degradation of granite that was recompressed by pressure when the sea settled in this time. There are large quartz pebbles, shale and flint from the glacial scree. This combined with the elevation of the vineyards brings freshness and minerality to the wines. He’s on his own up there, which is beneficial as there is no risk of pollutants from other vineyards and plenty of biodiversity. 

Lo Grand Refreshment is direct press Sauvignon Blanc fermented in concrete, and bottled with zero additions. Herbal and pure with a steely mineral character and a whack of citrus acidity.