NON Stewed Cherry & Coffee Alcohol Free Wine Alternative

NON Stewed Cherry & Coffee Alcohol Free Wine Alternative


Country: Australia

Region: Melbourne

Grapes: Sour Cherries, Cold Brew Coffee, Semillon Verjus

Style: Alcohol Free Red Wine Alternative

ABV: 0.0%

Established in Melbourne in 2017, NON was created with a mission to provide the perfect alcohol-free wine alternative for any occasion. NON stands out with its dedication to all natural ingredients and balance, showcasing a meticulously crafted flavour profile based on the four cornerstones of fruit, tannin, salinity and acidity.

This is NON's alcohol free red wine alternative made from a complex blend of sour cherries, cold brew coffee, garam masala, all spice, nutmeg, cascara, pink peppercorns, Murray River Salt, and Semillon grape verjus from the Barossa. A cherry a spice mix is 'stewed' in oven for 2 hours to create a jam blend of bloomed spices and caramelised cherries. This is then blended with cold brew coffee which gives a chocolate finish and adds tannin and combines perfectly with the salinity of the Murray River salt.