Pretty Nats

Pretty Nats

£125.00 £136.50

6 of our favourite red, white, rose and orange pet-nats from the best producers making them, shipped to you free anywhere on the UK Mainland. Priced individually at £136.50, each case contains one bottle each of:

Camillo Donati Trebbiano Frizzante (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Raïmones Engrescada Ancestral (Penèdes, Spain)

Denny Bini Lambrusco (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Les Chemins de Bassac Bouteillou (Languedoc, France)

Roc'Ambulle Negrette (Fronton, France)

Calcarius Frecciabomb (Puglia, Italy)

Check out the individual product pages for a full description of each wine.