Stephane Bernaudeau Les Coqueries

Stephane Bernaudeau Les Coqueries


Country: France

Region: Loire

Grapes: Chenin Blanc

Vintage: 2019

Stephane Bernaudeau's wines enjoy an incredible reputation, generating a cult-like following among wine fanatics, fame he cares little about. Farming just 2 hectares in Anjou, his production is tiny and given the extremely high quality they are super hard to get hold of. Caring little for the red grapes in the region, Stephane only makes white wines, exclusively from the Loire's premier grape Chenin Blanc. Fermentation and ageing takes place in old oak. Having made wines with no sulphur for a while, he now uses low levels of around 30mg/l, preferring the extra stability and tension that it provides in a wine’s youth. 

Ripe orchard fruit, fresh nectarine and a chalky yet creamy mouthfeel. All held together with an electrifying acidity. Frankly, as good as Loire Chenin gets.