Summer Mixtape

Summer Mixtape

£99.00 £111.50

Six certified bangers we like to keep on high rotation throughout the Summer, on cue for beach days, barbecues and after work in the park. Priced individually at £111.50, each case contains one bottle each of:

Masot Strobe in the Night Spumante (Veneto, Italy)

Gnarly Vines X Celler Cal Costas Xarel·lo (Penèdes, Spain)

Gulp Hablo Orange (La Mancha, Spain)

Gnarly Vines X Reverte Garnacha Rosado (Navarra, Spain)

Podere Sassi Domani (Lazio, Italy)

Domaine de la Mongestine Bob Singlar Rouge (Provence, France)

Check out the individual product pages for a full description of each wine.