Valentin Valles Queue de Pie

Valentin Valles Queue de Pie


Country: France

Region: Southern Rhone

Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault

Vintage: 2019

Valentin Valles is based Quentin de la Poterie, about 30 mins away from Tavel in the Rhone. He works with about 7 hectares of vines, a combination of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Sauvignon Blanc. His winemaking approach is laissez faire, with grapes hand picked and carried in 15kg boxes to the cellar. Valentin has a few small stainless steel tanks that he is using for macerating the grapes. The grapes will thenbe pressed in a very old wooden vertical press, and are then transferred by gravity to barriques for long, slow fermentations.

What an example of Grenache from this region! Telltale strawberry fruit aromas, both dried and fresh. Excellent acidity and lovely light tannins provide structure and a long peppery, mineral finish. An incredible wine that reminded us more than a little of the Grenache of Domaine Matassa.