Chinati Vergano Vermouth

Chinati Vergano Vermouth


Country: Italy

Region: Piemonte

Style: Vermouth

ABV: 16%

Mauro Vergano worked for many years as a chemist for one of Italy’s top pharmaceutical companies, developing flavours and aromas. A lover of drinks, he has long made them for friends to enjoy and, behind an unassuming door in the town of Asti, he now makes tiny quantities of Vermouth, Chinati and other treasures which are in high demand amongst those in the know.

The base wine for the Vergano vermouth consists of Cortese and Moscato from local producers, the former offering brightness and acidity, the latter aromatics. These wines are blended with a mixture of raw alcohol, wormwood, citrus skin and herbs like thyme, marjoram, basil and oregano. The perfect aperitif served with ice and a slice of lemon.