Vins et Volailles Me Libérez pas Je m'en Charge

Vins et Volailles Me Libérez pas Je m'en Charge


Country: France

Region: Gaillac

Grapes: Duras, Mauzac Verte, Muscadelle, Prunelard, Braucol

Vintage: 2020

Vins et Volailles are an all-women wine collective in Paris making and distributing some of the most inventive and exciting French wines today. In founder Fleur Godart's own words: "Here's our plan: to throw delicious bottles at the face of patriarchy. We want to create a safe space for feminism on labels, devoted to fighting all forms of oppression."

This is a new wine from Vins et Volailles for 2020 made in collaboration with esteemed Gaillac grower Jérôme Galaup previously of Domaine Plageoles. A blend of 6 local varieties - both red and white - co-fermented in stainless steel, this is a charming and vigorous wine with pronounced iron minerality and aromas of raspberry liquorice, blackcurrant, wild herbs and spice.