Wein Goutte Wermoutte Batch #5

Wein Goutte Wermoutte Batch #5


Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Style: Vermouth

Vintage: 2018

Wein Goutte! is the project of Emily Campeau and Christoph Müller. Emily is the Wine Director of Restaurant Candide in Montreal and Christoph is a graduate of Oenology and Viticulture from Neustadt in Germany who after working for Clemens Busch for a few years is now at Weninger on the Austro-Hungarian border.

This is a very special vermouth made out of frustration by producer Emily as she loved drinking it, but couldn't find it anywhere in her town of Burgenland, Austria. Batch #5 is One 225L barrel of skin-fermented white and pink grapes that started a new life as Wermoutte when they fortified it with neutral alcohol and infused it with herbs they grew in their garden in the summer of 2020. Botanicals include anise hyssop which gives this vermouth a minty edge, as well as nettles, yarrow, pimprenelle, Thai basil, dried elderflowers, sage, sorrel, etc.