The most natural of them all, these are 6 of our favourite wines with absolutely no sulphur or other additions made to the wine, and also nothing taken out through fining or filtering - 'zero-zero'. Priced individually at £124, each case contains one bottle each of:

Domaine Mas Lau Clin d'Oeil (Languedoc, France)

Gregory Guillaume l'Excentrique (Ardeche, France)

Cascina Tavijn Bandita (Piemonte, Italy)

Olivier Lemasson Bois Sans Soif (Loire Valley, France)

Oskar Maurer Kovidinka (Fruska Gora, Serbia)

Bodega Vinificate Amorro Espumoso (Cadiz, Spain)

Check out the individual product pages for a full description of each wine.